What is Brand Love?

Hint: It's more than just loyalty.

Brand Love, aka Brand Affinity, is a nod to a community that recognizes the privilege of exceptional service, consistent experiences, and a supportive & engaging community.

Demonstrated by passion, engagement, and advocacy, Brand Love is what differentiates a brand ambassador from a brand fan, members you pray for from those you pay for.

We strive to help you cultivate your Brand Love through compelling and engaging swag.



Rocket Science Branding is a small team with BIG ideas. We are storytellers, memory connectors, and engagement drivers. Let's launch your organization out of this world by strategically mixing part science, part design, and a whole lot of WOW!


Administrative Assistant

Alexa's a true Jane of all trades and a whiz on the google. She really should be at the FBI/CIA, but we're glad we have her until then.



Food Tester Intern

Charlotte applied to Le Cordon Bleu but she was dismissed after she ate her sample dish before the admissions team could taste it.



Accounting Coordinator

Mary is a proud military mom who loves to rock out to Pink Floyd.


Managing Partner &
Sr. Merchandise Advisor

Andrea's always got a song in her mind. Her favorite musical is Into the Woods & her favorite band is the Foo Fighters.



Project Coordinator

Christine is the sweetest soul on our team and a wizard with crinkle and a tape gun.



Box Sniffer Intern

Max studied box smells extensively for 6 years around the world. He inspects each package that arrives with a 14 point system.


Ops & Data Specialist

Carlos' signature dish is chicken enchiladas. It's rare that he cooks, and those enchiladas never last long.


Marketing Strategist & Merchandise Advisor

Cheryl's a proud auntie and chocolate lover with a flair for interior design and crafts.


Production Manager

Stephanie is our master juggler. She literally juggles hundreds of projects at a time and can juggle balls, children, you name it.

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