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2021 Spring Trend Report

Despite living in sunny Southern California, we are always excited for spring. Sunshine, warm weather, and the blooming flowers hail this team’s favorite season of the year. And as usual, we’re ready to celebrate with new colors and all the happy vibes.

Curated just for you, we've researched our fashion trends by looking at runways, retail, social media, and current events resulting in thoughtful and inspired branded apparel. Having your team up to date with the latest fashion trends can increase perceived value and wear time. It can make them feel like someone actually carved out time to think of them and what they’d like to wear, and all this leads to more eyes seeing your brand.

TLDR: athleisure, comforts, and nostalgia.


These are not your mother’s sweatpants of old and if you really want to impress, go with a quality Bella + Canvas. According to Who What Where, joggers “have officially outpaced both jeans and leggings, with a 115% increase from last year”.

Matching Sets

What used to be considered too matchy is everywhere in retail right now. Create a monochromatic look with a tee and some shorts or joggers! It’s up to you if you want your sets to act as loungewear or have a more sporty feel.

Fanny Packs and Sling Bags

Another updated throwback is one of the trendiest bags. Wear them around your waist or across your body. Sling bags are also returning, but only when you wear them across your chest. With more people going outdoors, these two bags are super practical. Packhacker says that these bags are “middle ground between a backpack and your pocket,” and we can’t find a better way to put it! Want to make a statement at the same time? Check out the Cotapaxi bags. Made from waste fabric scraps, each bag uses similar bold colors but is unique in how the colors are used for each part of the bag. Be boldly sustainable.

Cool and Colorful

On-trend vivid colors are always trendy during spring, and reds, pinks, and yellows are killin’ it this year. Weirdly enough, though, pastels are becoming even more popular than vibrant colors this year. So whether you keep it lively or subtle, as long as you show a little color, you’ll be on-trend.

Red and Pink

In recent years, vibrant pink has been turning into a gender-neutral color. Who What Wear said about the 2021 spring collection runways “…bright pink is a color that, believe it or not, proved to be one of the biggest color trends”. Pro-tip: On Wednesdays, we wear pink. iykyk


Pantone picked Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray as the colors of the year for 2021. We’re all ready for some brightness and positivity and our clothes are a great way to show this! So it’s no surprise that illuminating yellow is a trending color in the fashion world. According to even The Zoe Report “yellow is officially the color of the year!” Yellow boosts your mood and reminds you of positivity, sunshine, and hope. Start wearing yellow to spread a positive message.


Our 2021 Trending Lookbook featured pastels heavily in hard goods and they aren’t going anywhere from your apparel anytime soon. The Trend Spotter states that pastel tones are sweeping the floor in fashion this year. They’re even dominating over tie-dye! Pastels are the perfect way to incorporate spring colors and chill vibes into your apparel without being too loud.

Keeping up with the latest trend can be tricky, so we hope this trend breakdown can help with your next apparel order.

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