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Ho, Ho, Hooray! 10 Holiday Gifts Employees Will Actually Use

The sun is high in the sky, and you’re still working on your tan. But don’t let the warm weather fool you: even though you might be relaxing poolside or enjoying the fruits of fall, it’s actually time to start planning your holiday promotions!

That’s right: executing a promotional holiday campaign for your employees can take three to six months. So, even though it feels a bit strange talking about snowmen and Santa Claus before the first flake has fallen, that’s exactly what you should be doing.

It’s time to trade in the sunglasses for cozy dreams of the winter holidays.

You want to do something thoughtful for your employees during the holiday season as a gesture of goodwill. A promotional product campaign is a great way to foster connection, boost your culture, and improve retention through the new year.

While holiday-themed mugs and heartfelt notes come from a place of gratitude, chances are good that your employees won’t use a gift like that on a regular basis. To nail your holiday promotions, you need to select the right gifts for the job. We recommend these 10 employee holiday gift options to show how much you cherish your employees.

1. Holiday care packages

A holiday care package is like a hug in a box. Put together a mix of gifts that keep your employees cozy and happy at home. That might include:

  • Soft blankets

  • Candles

  • Tea

  • Holiday Spotify playlist

  • Book

  • Snacks

A holiday care package should be more than a variety of goodies. It needs to be a complete experience in a box that employees can look back on with fondness.

2. Board games

After years of uncertainty, your employees are craving opportunities for connection. And nothing connects people more than an old-fashioned family game night!

You can create your own board game or puzzle for your employee holiday gifts. Employees can play together at your holiday party and then take their board game home to their families.

But don’t worry: if you don’t want to create your own board game, you can always create a company-branded version of popular hits, like Monopoly.

3. Personalized swag

If you want to ensure that your employees hold onto their holiday gifts, put their names on them. Personalized gifts might sound like a pain in the neck, but they’re very doable at scale.

By working with your Boundless Brand Consultant, you can personalize gifts like:

  • Drinkware

  • Pens

  • Journals

Try to pick products that have meaning to your brand and that your employees would want to keep around their home or office. Since it literally has their name on it, they’re much more likely to hang onto it!

4. Headphones

Your employees need headphones to join remote meetings and take phone calls, but they’re also great for traveling or working out. Give employees wireless Bluetooth headphones for ultimate portability. Even if they already have a set of headphones, we guarantee they’ll keep these around at the office or in their travel bag for when they’re on the go.

5. Name-brand goods

Do you want to hear gasps and squeals of joy at your holiday party? That’s the sound an employee makes when they unwrap their new RTIC cooler.

Name-brand goods are a great way to show employees how much you appreciate their hard work. Plus, your employees already associate these brands with quality. They’re definitely going to be impressed if you gift them luxury brand wallets or laptop bags.

6. Fitness trackers

The new year is just around the corner. That means you’ll see plenty of fitness-related resolutions on your Instagram feed.

If you work at a health-conscious company, consider gifting employees GPS smartwatches or fitness trackers this year.

This is a particularly juicy gift if your health insurance plan offers discounts for activity or step goals. If you have this agreement with your health insurance company, make sure you choose trackers compatible with your insurance rewards program.

7. VR gear

For some people, the holidays are a great time to spend more time together indoors. Why not give them a chance to escape into virtual reality?

Gift your employees VR headsets, anti-fatigue mats, and maybe even a family-friendly VR game. If you have a company full of gamers, you can even set up a leaderboard where you try to beat each other’s scores.

Now is also a great time to try “phygital marketing,” using both real-life and in-game or online gifts to enhance both experiences. If you want to go one step further, consider creating collectible NFTs for your employees to enjoy or trade.

8. Slippers

Brrr! It’s going to be cold in December, so get your employees a set of fuzzy, fleece-lined slippers. Go for high-quality slippers that employees can wear around the house and outside to check the mail.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to order several sizes! You might need to create a Google Form to collect everyone’s shoe size before placing the order.

9. Weather gear

Do you live in a wet, chilly area? The winter can be harsh — give your employees a dose of comfort with winter-appropriate gear they’ll love.

Puffy jackets, knitted toboggans, and fuzzy socks go a long way in the wintertime. These cozy items are high-quality, too! A North Face jacket would normally cost your employees a big chunk of change, so they’ll definitely appreciate the extra help this winter.

10. Snacks

Who doesn’t love free food? Snacks are one of the most popular holiday gifts for employees. Since you can toss in a variety of snacks, this is a crowd-pleasing option that employees (and their families) will adore.

Try to include options like:

  • Tea

  • Pour-over coffee

  • Cookies

  • Chips

  • Healthy options

Store the snacks in a reusable container, tin, or adorable cookie jar to get more staying power out of this gift.

Promotional products ring in a little holiday cheer

It might feel strange planning holiday gifts long before the holidays, but this is the perfect time to strategize giving to your employees. Any of these 10 gifts are sure to put a smile on your team’s face at the annual holiday party.

Originally posted by our partner Boundless on Oct 19, 2022

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