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Promote Your Brand With Crave-Worthy Office Essentials

From frisbees to earbuds to leather bags, there’s no shortage of branded merchandise your company can choose. While more traditional promotional products can definitely get results for your brand, office accessories are a practical go-to for promoting your business — especially to a B2B audience.

But why are office accessories such a hit? And how can you choose the right options for your audience? Consult this quick guide to understand the draw of productivity-focused office swag and how to get more mileage out of your next promotional product campaign.

Why should I go with branded office accessories?

VR headsets, beach towels, and even branded luxury items can definitely impress your audience. But if you’re targeting a professional audience in the B2B space, these fun goodies might not get as much airtime as you’d expect. If you want to make more connections with your target audience, branded office accessories are the way to go because they:

  • Help people stay productive: Did you know that 90% of workers believe clutter and disorganization negatively affect their work performance? Or that the average American will spend one year of their lifetime searching through desk clutter looking for misplaced objects? Branded office accessories are a great way to help your target audience stay organized in their workplace while providing some serious exposure to your brand and services.

  • Get plenty of use: Office accessories are super useful, especially if they’re products your audience doesn’t already have in their office. The more your audience uses these products, the more exposure your brand gets. From docking stations to sticky notes to cool highlighters, your audience will keep these products for months or even years down the road — talk about staying power.

  • Help workers relax: You aren’t married to just journals, pens, and stationery products. You can also give away relaxing office-friendly merch like stress balls, diffusers, or head-scratchers. It’s the perfect way to further your brand while increasing happiness in the workplace. It’s a win-win!

4 tips for branded office swag

Office accessories are the best way to connect with a professional audience, but this approach does require finesse. Follow these four tips to choose the best products for your audience and boost your brand in the process.

1. Give your audience something useful for their desk

The more your audience uses your promotional products, the more they’ll think about your brand while at work. While fun promotional products like crazy sunglasses and cat-shaped water bottles are cool, go for more utilitarian products for a B2B audience.

An organized and clean workspace leads to increased happiness and productivity, so caddies are always a great choice. Small succulents are also a low-maintenance way to cheer up your audience: even a small addition of a desk plant can increase productivity by up to 15%.

These products also make for great desk accessories:

The trick here is to give away something with high utility. It also doesn’t hurt to follow retail trends like tie-dye, neon colors, marble patterns, or metallic embellishments. The more high-quality the product, the more likely people are to keep it at their desk long-term, so make these useful goodies as eye-catching as possible.

2. Connect your audience with tech giveaways

Whether your audience works remotely, in the office, or on the go, they need technology to do their jobs well. Why not help your audience stay connected?

Products like headphones and power banks enable your audience to stay online and powered up, no matter where they are. Even if they already have Bluetooth headphones, folks appreciate having a backup pair for those times when one inevitably runs out of charge.

By the way, technology gifts have a high perceived value. After all, who would throw away a decent pair of free headphones, a phone charger, or a fitness watch? Probably not, and that’s why people tend to keep tech gifts around much longer. Giving away a tech gift is a no-brainer and will give your valued customers warm, fuzzy feelings towards your brand every time they use it, too.

3. Encourage productivity

Did you know that only 60% of the time people spend at work is actually productive? Between chatty coworkers, meetings, and technology distractions, it’s never been more challenging for professionals to focus at work.

What tools make it easier for you to stay productive at work? Is there anything you currently use that keeps you focused? In practice, this might look like:

  • Light-up flags that tell when in-office workers aren’t available to talk

  • Over-ear headphones that cancel out unwanted noise

  • Instant cold brew packs so employees can get their caffeine fix without leaving their desk

4. Promote health and wellness

The pandemic, shaky economy, political instability, and childcare woes mean professionals are under more stress than ever. Since relaxed, happy employees are 12% more productive, you can help your target audience get more done with wellness-focused gifts.

You can provide branded relaxation products to help your customers unwind in their workplace:

Wellness products help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level because you’re showing that you understand and care about their physical and mental health. As our society continues to emphasize health and wellness, these types of products will only continue to grow in popularity.

Target B2B professionals with excellent office essentials

Office essentials are buzz-worthy giveaways that connect brands with a B2B audience. With the right approach, office accessories will give your brand the staying power it needs to convert more leads into loyal customers.

Originally posted by our partner Boundless on Nov 16, 2022

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