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Slay The Holidays: Promo Product Gift Ideas For Any Budget

It’s still hot outside, but believe it or not, it’s time to start planning your holiday promotions. Sure, it’s tempting to wait until you feel a chill in the air to order holiday gifts for clients, vendors, or employees, but planning now gives you the benefit of:

  • Testing several gift ideas

  • Ordering with enough lead time to ensure quality

  • Sourcing custom or unique gifts that might take more time to produce

Lead time matters for the holidays, but budget is a big concern for brands, too. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or you have carte blanche, you still need to find practical holiday gifts with a wow factor. Regardless of your budget, check out this guide for gifts that will work for your audience and budget this holiday season.

Affordable holiday promotional gifts

A modest budget might feel like a limitation, but in reality, it’s your chance to get creative! If you’re on a budget but still want to honor your clients this holiday season, try these promotional gift ideas.

Food trays or snacks

Brownies, truffles, snack kits, and cheese and cracker sets are all great gifts for the holiday season. They’re ideal for rewarding teams, so if you want to send a special thank you to your vendors, food trays are the way to go. If you want to personalize it a bit, send a local delicacy (fruitcake, anyone?) as a conversation starter.

If you want to send gifts to individuals, go with something intriguing like prosecco-flavored gummy bears. They’re a jazzed-up version of a childhood favorite, and the unique flavor will definitely get people talking.


The holidays are a time to connect with our loved ones. Why not help your recipients connect with their families through the power of board games? Send them an oversized checkerboard, dominoes, or custom Jenga set to help families have fun during the chilly holiday weather.

Gardening kits

Send your audience a small succulent in a cute planter — even people with black thumbs will be able to keep succulents alive. You can also send indoor herb seed kits for anyone who loves to cook.

Relaxation goodies

Let’s be honest: as fun as holidays are, they can be stressful. Give the gift of peace with relaxation-themed goodies like:

Notetaking accessories

A high-quality leather journal and felt-tip pen will get a lot of use in an office. Just try not to make this gift too holiday-themed; you want recipients to use this journal long after the holidays are over.

Pet gifts

Pet-related gifts are perfect for customers who are pet parents or for employees in a pet-friendly office. Collapsible bowls, a catnip seed kit, jingle balls, or chew toys are great options to give pets a little joy.

Mid-tier holiday gifts

If you have more wiggle room in your budget, it’s a little easier to pick out unique, eye-catching holiday gifts that your audience will love. Try these three suggestions for inspiration.


The holidays are a time for celebrating, and what’s better than a glass of champagne or eggnog? Even if your recipients don’t drink alcohol, you can still gift them an all-in-one libations kit complete with:

Throw in conventional and virgin drinks recipes so everyone feels included. But package your gift carefully! Nobody wants broken glass in their stocking.

Cozy clothes and decor

Brrr, it’s cold out there! Keep everyone warm with these fun, holiday-friendly gift ideas:

  • Custom throw blankets with plush lining

  • Waffle-weave robes (great for chilly mornings)

  • Heated coffee mugs

  • Fuzzy socks

Also, any combination of these will brighten your receiver’s winter.

Travel accessories

Half of all Americans travel for the holidays, so why not make their trip a little more pleasant? These travel gifts can make long waits at the airport a little more fun:

  • Travel straws and utensils

  • Tote bags

  • Charging battery and cables

  • “Getaway Essentials” box with mints, chapstick, playing cards, and snacks

Luxury holiday promotional gifts

If you’re blessed with a bigger budget this year, congratulations! You can craft customized experiences and choose high-end gifts that will leave your recipients saying, “wow.” Try these high-end holiday promotional gifts to turn heads.

Branded boxes

Transport your recipients to a place, a time, or a feeling with an experiential gift box. Let your imagination run wild. For example, maybe you create a “White Christmas” gift box complete with a cable-knit blanket, hot chocolate mix, and a self-heating mug.

If possible, try to marry an experience with your promotional gift box. For example, you can include a QR code in the box that takes people to a holiday-themed playlist or game where they can compete for even more freebies.

Retail goods

That’s right! You can gift your audience retail merchandise from their favorite brands. Since people already associate these brands with value, retail gifts will definitely turn heads. Try a few of these options to spread holiday cheer:


Tech gear is expensive, so your audience will automatically see the value in technology gifts like:

Outdoor gear

Roving souls will go outside no matter the weather, so prepare your gift recipients for an outdoor adventure with these gift ideas:

Spread cheer on any budget

Regardless of your audience, company size, campaign, or budget, it’s a good idea to start planning your holiday promotional gifts in the summer months. Try out these holiday promotional gift ideas to connect with your audience during the holidays — without busting your budget.

Originally posted by our partner Boundless on Oct 19, 2022

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