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STAYING CONNECTED TO YOUR TEAM (during the holidays)

This year has been tough. We are facing a world-wide pandemic which has caused us to have to change and adapt to a new normal. For most of us, we left a bustling office setting where we were surrounded by co-workers to work at home. Many of us are now juggling a lot more than we used to: work, homeschool, housework, and other family issues. We are worried about our physical health and all of it is taking a toll on our mental health. It has created a disconnect in the business world, and company morale is taking a hit. Now, with the holidays approaching, we are all going to feel the separation and isolation a bit more because there will be fewer parties and social gatherings to bring us together this year. However, we can still connect with each other and nurture our mental health through shared experiences. Shared experiences are important to keep a sense of community and are a great way to bring people together, even while we are social distancing. So instead of giving company gifts that will end up in the recycle bin, consider giving an experiential gift as your company gift this year. Here are a few ideas.

Virtual Happy Hour

Happy hour is a great way to enjoy time together as a team, and research shows it improves employee morale and mood. We get to socialize, relax, and not worry about the stresses of work for a little while. However, social distancing means we can’t all head to the bar and hang out together. So why not bring Happy Hour home? With our Happy Hour kits from W and P Designs, putting together a virtual Happy Hour is so easy! There are a variety of kits to choose from, so there is something for everyone: Hot Toddy, margarita, champagne cocktail, Italian spritz, Moscow Mule, Old-fashioned, gin and tonic, and Bloody Mary. The kits include a recipe card, a spoon, and all of the ingredients needed except the alcohol (but we can help with that as well). All you have to do is gift everyone a kit, mix up your drinks, and get on your video call. Spend some time just chatting and enjoying one another’s company and your favorite drink. Your logo will be imprinted on the kits to help incorporate your brand into this shared experience.

Bake Cookies Together

Christmas cookies are a must have this time of year, so why not take this tradition and turn it in to an experiential gift? We offer a Prime Chef cookie sheet and a beautiful wooden handled spatula from Studio Cuisine. Both would come imprinted with your brand logo. Log in to Zoom and let the baking begin! There are a few ways you could do it. Let everyone make their favorite Christmas cookie recipe using their new pan and spatula, exchange recipes and try one another’s favorite recipe, or find a new recipe you can all try together. Chat and visit while you are whipping up something delicious, and share the results of your hard work. Plus the cookie sheet and spatula are practical gifts that can be used over and over again. What a fun, and delicious, way to share a gifted experience!

Hallmark and Chill

No one does Christmas movies quite like Hallmark. We’re all watching them, so why not turn movie night into a shared experience? We can curate an experiential gift for you with anything and everything you might need for the perfect movie night: popcorn bowls, wine tumblers, ice cream containers, coffee mugs, and a variety of snacks, all branded with your logo. Pick a time and movie, get your snacks ready, log on to video chat, and start watching! Everyone gets to enjoy a movie night in the comfort of their own home while at the same time connecting with others. Laugh, cry, chat, and snack together while separated.

When trying to decide what kind of gift to give, keep in mind the wants and needs of those you are giving to. Even on a corporate level, try to come up with a gift that will be enjoyed by the majority of people in your company. We may think something looks good, but if it isn’t something meaningful for the recipient, it’s just going to end up tossed aside and forgotten. Shared experiences are a great way to bring people together and help us all feel connected during these trying times. The physical distance between us is hard to cope with, but will be even more so during the holidays. More people are going to feel lonely and isolated at a time we usually spend more time together with those we care about. So consider giving an experience this year to ease the burden of social distancing.

If you’re feeling a world away from your team, we’d love to help you connect with them through thoughtful gifts that also serve as a way to promote your brand.

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