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Summer's Best Luxury Swag - Fun in the Sun

BBQs, beach days, pool parties, and camping. It’s summer y’all! It’s time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and longer days. It’s hard to be bored with so many options for fun in the sun. It’s why we love summer. You know what else we love? Summer SWAG! There are so many fun ideas to up your merch game this season. No matter what your team is into, there’s something you can gift them to make their summer and your brand memorable.


Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Food, friends, and fun are a recipe for a great summer activity. From portable grills to grilling tools, there is plenty of swag needed to make your next BBQ a success: picnic baskets or tables, outdoor games like cornhole or frisbee, coolers, drink holders, aprons, blankets, lawn chairs, and bug repellers. You might also consider gifting the food or sauces to serve at the BBQ. The opportunities and ideas are endless!

Beach Day

Sand, sun, and the sea. Is there anything more “summer” than spending a day at the beach? The perfect beach day requires a lot of equipment, any of which would make a great gift: beach chairs, beach towels and blankets, umbrellas, flip-flops, sunglasses, sand toys, beach balls, tumblers, coolers, and tote bags. Give the gift of an awesome beach day!

Pool Parties

Don’t live near a beach? Take the fun poolside! There is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to take a dip in the pool. There is a lot of fun merch you can gift to make pool day more fun: pool floats, drink coolers, water bottles, towels, sunglasses, flip-flops, or a waterproof bluetooth speaker, just to name a few. Maybe a lawn chair for those who prefer relaxing in the sun poolside rather than getting wet.


Many people like to escape to the great outdoors during the summer. Camping and hiking are popular activities that connect us with nature. Getting out in the fresh air has been proven to boost moods and reduce stress. Get the swag needed to be prepared for anything nature can throw at you: backpacks or fanny packs, lighters, pocket knives, water bottles, and portable phone chargers are all great gifts for those who love spending time in the wild.

Summer Sports

Sport-specific swag can also make a great gift. Many people like to spend their summers on the golf course, tennis court, or baseball field. Give the gift of sports equipment that they can use while having fun: golf balls and tees, whiffle balls, tennis balls and racquets, sweatbands and towels, water bottles.

Summer is a great season for having fun. There is so much summer swag that would make great gifts for your team or customers. Need help strategizing your swag? Give us a call and let’s talk about making the most of your summer.

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