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What We Can Do For You

Just What Can Rocket Science Branding Do for You?

Rocket Science Branding is so much more than just a “swag shop.” Let’s talk a little bit about just what we can do for you and your company if you are one of our clients.

Rocket Science Branding is a small team with big ideas. Whether you call it swag, branded merchandise, drip, or promo products, we do it. Rocket Science Branding designs and produces creative and strategically selected branded merchandise to create passionate, engaged, and loyal brand fans. We don’t just sell promo; we design physical, tangible ways for companies to engage and demonstrate a sense of community with their employees and customers.

Growing your brand and building your brand affinity is our top priority. We do this through strategic ideas and creative design. We stand by you every step of the way, from ideation to delivery to engagement, as we work closely with your company to meet your needs. We ask the right questions to produce the best unique swag for your brand and customer base.

Here are some of the questions we work through with you to find the right marketing and brand strategy for your brand:

🚀 Who is your target audience and what do they need/want?

🚀 What product are you choosing to use to promote your brand and why are you choosing that product?

🚀 What do you hope to achieve with your chosen product? What are your goals?

🚀 How are you going to present it? What will the “unboxing” experience look like?

🚀 How can we help you tell your story in the most creative and memorable way possible?

At Rocket Science Branding, we are storytellers and memory-makers. We are detail-oriented and creative. We are flexible, and let you control the story of your brand. We believe the culture and values of a company are of utmost importance and will do everything we can to uphold them for your brand. We offer many services to help you through the merchandising process and let you choose which ones work best for you.

Let’s look at what some of those services are:

🚀 Merchandise: Rocket Science Branding strategically curates, designs, and produces intentional branded merchandise and apparel to excite and engage communities around a brand. Our online shopping technology is provided by Boundless Network and offers a lot of money-saving solutions. One of those is “Group Buy.” The more merch you order, the more you save, so it only makes sense to have all of the different departments and locations of your business order under the same order. We’ll still ship the orders to the separate locations, and bill separately as needed, but you save time and money and ensure brand consistency throughout your company. We also offer name-brand items and a variety of food and beverage items as well, including alcohol.

🚀 Printing: We offer a variety of printed products through the same online shopping format as our branded merchandise, so it is an easy, all-in-one-stop shopping experience to save you time and money. You can order and proof your print items online to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. We have multiple printing capabilities including digital, variable, offset, thermography, foil stamping, embossing, and engraving.

🚀 Data collection: One of the most important components of a successful marketing campaign is knowing your target audience. We offer robust data collection through our Boundless technology. Users can fill out an online form to quickly and easily collect the most up-to-date information and store it all in one place.

🚀 Ideas: Not only do we provide the swag, but we also help you come up with ideas and a strategy for your swag. Our team is full of creative and strategic ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck.

🚀 Fulfillment and packaging: Let us do the heavy lifting of creating and packaging your gift boxes/kits. Not only do we sell pre-selected boxes, but if you don’t see anything that fits your brand’s needs, we can design and create a custom box for you so you are getting the perfect merch for your brand. We have done delivery and set-ups of gift boxes, including hotel and cruise ship drops.

🚀 Drop-shipping: We simplify the shipping process to ensure you get your product as quickly as possible. This also helps us keep our costs competitive with other similar branded merch companies. We have multiple warehouses located conveniently throughout the US, so we can get your order where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

🚀 Global Reach: Our global partners have the capabilities to get merch where you need it. This ensures a cohesive campaign rollout and also provides culturally sensitive support to ensure the best experience for your target audience.

We love what we do and are dang good at it. Is there something we can do to help you up your swag game? Contact us and let’s help your brand grow!

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