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Winning Together, Part Two

If you caught our last blog, we shared our awesome experience exhibiting at our first SCMSDC (Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council) trade show. The Business Beyond Barriers (B3) event was a spectacular success, and we want to share a few tips and tricks that Rocket Science Branding learned along the way to help you execute successful upcoming trade shows and events for your company, too.


As a Certified Minority Owned Business (MBE), we chose to exhibit at B3 to connect with one of our key demographic target audiences. Whether your goal is to market to companies who have the same aligned values as your business, target those dream clients you’ve been working on connecting with, or to simply increase your brand awareness, defining your “why” when it comes to where to spend your marketing dollars exhibiting at a trade show is key.


Confirm in advance if your tradeshow will have a scanner with a note taking function. If they don't (which B3 did not), be sure to print some forms on heavy cardstock or a carbon form so you and your client can keep a copy of the notes. You can keep these carbon forms or cards ready behind the table to facilitate quick note taking. This will help ensure you don’t miss any important details when doing your followup and/or delegating said followup to your team. Need help creating these? Rocket Science Branding can help with that!


In order to truly showcase your brand and the message you want potential clients to hear, you have to be all in on your tradeshow booth. Every brand has a story, so what is the story you want your brand to tell? Investing in a cohesive tradeshow setup is fundamental to attracting potential (and existing) clients to trust and actually want to engage with you and your brand. No matter your budget, Rocket Science Branding can help you create a backdrop, as well as parallel tablecloths, giveaway and raffle merch, team apparel, and a number of other promotional items that will remind people of just how unique your brand is and help you stand out from your competitors.


RSB had a prize wheel at our booth to engage people to participate in potential free swag. Seeing that wheel from half an aisle away generated curiosity, making attendees feel like our booth was a destination they just had to visit, rather than another stop on their way to the next booth. We also had branded cards for free setup charges on initial orders, providing another simple opportunity for followup conversations. Having a call to action that allows you to follow up with those who engaged in your both is monumental in just that: an opportunity to follow up. Which leads us to our next point…


So many conversations regarding potential new business opportunities happen at trade shows, but unfortunately, not a lot of follow up happens after the event is over. People do business with people they like, connect with, and most importantly, feel like they can trust. It’s not on those you engaged with to reach back out to you for next steps. It is your responsibility to make sure they know you appreciated their time, remembered the conversations they had, and the solutions they are looking for if they are to utilize your company’s services in the future.

Send them a reminder of what it is you discussed, why you feel you are a solution to their problems with existing vendors, and don’t be afraid to let them know you’re hungry for their business. After all, doing business is a partnership, and you are the expert in what you do. Make sure they know you’re invested in their brand and don’t shy away from being transparent with them.

Rocket Science Branding is an NMSDC + WBENC Certified MBE located in Southern California. We ideate merch ideas, produce custom products, warehouse/fulfill, and ship globally. For more information on who we are and what we do, please visit our website at, and follow us on social @rocketsciencebranding.

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